ISP Telecom Inc. is dedicated to hearing and responding to any concerns that individuals might have about accessibility to our web site and/or products.

  1. Any requests or concerns may be made either through a dedicated toll-free telephone number or through a submission via e-mail to a dedicated member of our team.
  2. Upon submitting a request via telephone, a pre-recorded message will thank the caller for calling ISP Telecom Inc. and will instruct them to leave a message with their name and telephone number. The individual will be contacted within three working days when they will better be able to express the reason of their call.
  3. Upon submitting a request via e-mail, please provide us much detail as possible so that we may better understand your question/concern. The individual will be contacted within three working days.
  4. When an ISP representative responds to a contact, either by e-mail or via telephone, our representative will do their best to understand the issue presented and best explain the efforts of ISP Telecom Inc. to meet their needs.
  5. If a request is deemed to be of an important nature, ISP Telecom Inc. will take the request under advisement and start the process of bettering its Accessibility Program to serve the request. This process will be timely but no specific deadlines can be stated.
  6. If an individual accesses us either via e-mail or telephone and does not identify themselves clearly by name either verbally or in writing, this request will be considered anonymous, and no reply will be given.

Kindly submit your request or concern via telephone at 1-866-477-8353 press 0 or by email [email protected]



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