Our Virtual PRI's offer even more flexibility, faster deployment and lower infrastracture costs


SIP Trunking in Canada

SIP Trunking / VIRTUAL PRI ISP Telecom's SIP Trunking combines reliable local access in Canada with the unparallel flexibility of Voice over IP. Our SIP Trunking using Session Initiation Protocol offers benefits for customers with high-speed Internet connections.

On-Net Termination Canada

On-Net Term ISP Telecom offers the use of its extensive on-net facilities to terminate calls to on-net exchanges. Customers have the option of connecting via SIP or TDM. Take advantage of our superior network quality and aggressive wholesale pricing. Ask us about our rates and complete coverage area.


SMS ISP Telecom already provides you with superior SIP solutions. With our new SMS product, ISP Telecom is more prepared than ever to offer a competitive edge to your customers.


DID ISP Telecom can allocate a range of telephone numbers for calling into a customer's private branch exchange (PBX). DIDs enable a company to assign individual phone numbers for each workstation without the need for a physical connection to the PBX.

LNP - Local Number Portabilty

LNP ISP Telecom processes quick, efficient LNP number moves for our wholesale customers in Canada. Local Number Portability allows end users to keep their telephone number when changing service providers.

Long Distance

Long Distance ISP Telecom provides wholesale termination and access solutions to fit your unique requirements. We provide the first class customer support that enables you to focus on your core business.

Toll Free Numbers Canada and USA

Toll Free Canada and USA ISP Telecom’s toll free service gives your customer a single number to call you. The toll-free number is issued by NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration), and it allows ingress from Canada, the United States and parts of the Caribbean. The call is FREE for the callers.


ISDN PRI ISP Telecom's PRI service is the perfect solution for telecom service providers requiring high capacity local access of superb quality with immediate reductions in monthly recurring costs over legacy market solutions (e.g. Megalink).

Is your VoIP Switch on our list?

VoIP Switch At ISP Telecom, we have seen it all. Chances are we have already tested a SIP Trunk with your switch or server. See if yours is on our list.



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